51.4L Keter Mobile 3 in 1 Tool Chest (NOT AVAILABLE FOR NATIONAL DELIVERY)

14.05 kg

This robust Tool Box Organiser is made from polypropylene and provides practical storage space and easy transportation for multiple tools or instruments. It enables the likes of painters and decorators, construction workers and engineers to stay organised and keep everything they need together in one place.

It features two modules which are joined and separated by two clasps on the sides. The main module includes two built-in organiser trays on the outside of the lid, giving the product an extra function of being able to store and organise parts and smaller items without having to open the box. It also comes with an organiser tray for storing and systematising all your tool accessories within the box.

The second module is a spacious unit for storing the heaviest tools or materials such as drills and hammers, with the unit able to carry up to 120kg of equipment.

It is fitted with a retractable handle and 2 x rubber wheels which enables the toolbox to be easily manoeuvred from one place to another. There is also a fixed handle for transporting the first module which provides convenience when going up a flight of stairs or carrying out a job which doesn’t require the need for heavy tools.


42.5 x 31.2 x 62cm